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Cadex Defense Field Competition M-LOK Black Tikka-T3 SA for Accu-Mag L…



Cadex’ Field Tactical chassis was designed primarily with law enforcement sharpshooter personnel in mind. The primary difference between this series and some of Cadex’ other chassis is a fixed, rather than folding, butt stock. This is a feature that appeals to many shooters, if for nothing more than the slight weight savings that it has over a same-model chassis with a folding stock, as well as the completely solid arrangement which may have some advantages over a folding design. At 5.5 – 5.58 lbs., these chassis fall within the mid-range of weight offered by Cadex.

Tool-free, fully-adjustable, skeletonized stock
Monopod rail
Oversized trigger guard and magazine release, enabling gloved-shooting without issue
Ergo grip (rubberized, finger-grooved)
Aluminum detachable base, permitting easy access for trigger adjustment
Full-length, 20 MOA top rail, which attaches to fore end
Fore end permits attachment of accessory rails at 3-, 6-, and 9-o’clock positions
Sleeves are available to permit use of many popular magazines
Short action chassis weigh 5.50 lbs.
Long action chassis weigh 5.58 lbs.

Color: Black
Fits: Tikka-T3 Short Action, for Tikka CTR Magazine
Weight: 5.39 lbs.
Handedness: Left Hand
Item Condition: New
UPC 842940099004
Product Type Shop All Stock
Brand Shop All Cadex Defense